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About Oxy Clean

Committed to Our Customers

As professional water tank cleaners we have tried many sanitising systems. Oxy clean has been the product that gives us great results. Oxy clean is a safe proven Government approved product that will sanitise your drinking water every time

To gain the best results with this treatment we recommend having your tank cleaned.


How many tablets do I need?

One 100gm OxyClean tablet will treat 20,000l, if water is particularly low quality One 100gm OxyClean tablet can treat 10,000l.

How Many Tablets Do I Need?

How often should I treat my water?

For drinking water we recommend treating your water yearly to remove any  biofilm, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that may have built up over the year.

Why should I treat my tank water?

Over time biofilm, bacteria, viruses, fungi and/or parasites will build up in your water tank as well as the pipes connected to it. Treating your water with OxyClean chlorine dioxide tablets will reduce biofilm, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that have built up.

Why should I use oxyclean

OxyClean Chlorine Dioxide Tablets produce a potent, cost effective and rapid acting biocide and fungicide for the control of bacteria, mould and malodour.

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